Cleaning Recorders

When I became Music subject leader in my school, the first thing I added to my yearly action plan was to use the neglected school recorders.  This meant cleaning them.  The first thing I did was give them a bit of a scrub with a clean washing up brush to get the gunk in the ridges off.  Then I soaked them in hot water for an hour to soften any extra gunk in the holes and inside.  Finally, I put them in the dishwasher.  This was very satisfying as the recorders fitted perfectly on the spokes.  I put them on a normal cycle and they came out as good as new.  When I put them back together I used vaseline (the petroleum jelly variety) to fit them back together as they were quite tight and rigid otherwise.  Finally, when I brought them back to school I made sure I had a pack of alcohol-free wipes so the children could clean the recorders after use.  I made sure the children were shown how to do this as it saved me disinfecting them and it also gave the children ownership of their music lessons.  I also notice one of two of them were badly chewed so I threw those away.

Recorders in a dishwater cleans them up a treat.


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